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Magistère Informatique et télécommunications

The "magistère Informatique et télécommunications" is a formation in computer science and telecommunication. This diploma is issued both by ENS Rennes and University of Rennes 1.

Pedagogy and diversity are central in this formation: lectures, work in groups, seminars, article reading sessions, projects, visits of labs, etc...

This formation includes:

  • a bachelor degree (actually only the last year) and training period of 6 weeks in a french lab
  • a master degree (two years) and a training period of 8 weeks abroad at the end of the first year of master

It contains lectures in computer science extended with:

  • applied mathematics: (signals, statistics...)
  • physics: (electronics, optics...)
  • languages: english + german, spanisch, italian, chinese, japonese in option

Date of update April 16, 2014