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Compiling Audio DSP on FPGA: Preliminary Results of the Emeraude Team

le 13 janvier 2023


Campus de Beaulieu Salle Jersey - bât. 12D

Intervention de Tanguy Risset, enseignant-chercheur à l'INSA de Lyon, laboratoire Citi, dans le cadre des séminaires du département Informatique.


Emeraude is a new research team in Lyon working on audio embedded systems (FPGA in particular). Emeraude is involved in the management of the Faust language used by many sound designers. Emeraude recently developped an audio to FPGA compiler by coupling the Faust compiler  and  High Level Synthesis (HLS) tools developped by FPGA vendors to enable easier FPGA programming.  This compiler permits to obtain a much smaller latency (i.e. one sample latency) than what was possible with existing software audio systems. 
The purpose of the talk is to introduce the the Syfala compiler, which compiles Audio DSP programs to FPGA and to show how research in compilation, embedded systems and computer architecture is useful for this goal. I will do a short presentation of FPGA technology and also give a brief introduction of the Faust language. Then I will explain in more detail the specificity of the Syfala compiler and show some of the applications developped in the Emeraude team.

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David Pichardie

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