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Welcome to ENS Rennes

The École normale supérieure de Rennes trains students in the fields of Economics - Law - Management, Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechatronics, Sport Sciences and Physical Education and the most recent department Environmental Sciences. Each year, around 500 students follow Master’s Degree programmes jointly accredited with the Université de Rennes, the IEP Rennes, the INSA and the EHESP. Over 90% of its students pass the Agrégation examination and 70 % continue their studies by completing a PhD. In 2022, the ENS’ diploma was created to enhance the specific academic track of this high ranking graduate school which specialises in education for research through research. The graduate diploma structure is based on 4 skills : pure research, multidisciplinary research approach, an academic experience abroad and the acquirement of a specific pedagogical expertise. This graduate diploma - delivered after a full programme at the École Normale Supérieure (3 or 4 years) - shows a high level of expertise and brings an important added value to Master’s Degree.

ENS Rennes is:

  • a highly selective graduate school for top ranking students.
  • a high-level scientific and cultural training preparing for careers in : fundamental or applied scientific research; university teaching and secondary education; positions in State and local authorities and State public establishments or enterprises.
  • constantly developping new partnerships - formal and informal - with HEI's worldwide.

As an international student there are different admission tracks available to you :

  • International students may apply to follow a post-graduate Masters and a full or joint PhD Degree under the framework of a specific scholarship programme : the Fulbright-ENS Excellence Award / the Campus France Bourse Eiffel, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, PROSFER, China Scholarship Council etc... International students
  • Exchange students on study mobility or on research placement mobility under specifc programmes such as : Erasmus+ / IISER / ECNU / Exchange programme students

If you wish to apply outside of a specific agreement/partnership programme please contact the target department or the research laboratory to get more information on admission tracks available to you. Please note that the selection process is highly compeditive.

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