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2024 Call for applications : launching of the 2024 doctoral scholarship recrutement campaign

ENS Group - China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Call for applicants open until February 15th 2024

The selection criteria will take into account the quality of the application, the interest in the topic of research by the host laboratory in ENS Rennes, and in the existing cooperations – formal or informal - with the home university candidates (for example the PROSFER-JoRISS programmes with East China Normal University, Westlake University, Shenzhen University, Jiaotang University, Beihang University and internationally associated laboratories...).

Schedule for the 2024 application campaign

* Call for applications – open until February 15th 2024.
* The Chinese student must get directly in contact with the thesis director to establish his/her application file. 
* Response to the potential candidates and constitution of the files by the scientific teams.
* The scientific leader sends the complete application to the International Relations Office of ENS Rennes before February 20, 2024.
* Pre-selection phase by the ENS group between February 20th and February 26th.
* Results published in June / July 2024.
* In July, the International Office at ENS Rennes will contact each successful candidate in order to prepare his/her arrival for September 2024.

Pre-selection of candidates in France

- The ENS will establish a common list of applications that they will send to the CSC.
- The final list of applications is sent to the CSC on February 29, 2024.
- Candidates pre-selected by the ENS jury must secure their application by applying on the CSC application platform: in March 2024.
- Candidates must specify that they are applying under the specific ENS-CSC agreement.
- Results are announced in June/July by the CSC and the results are communicated to the project leaders.

Thesis proposal 1 : research residency stay of up to 24 months

Title : "Unravelling the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the detrimental effects of sedentary time on cognitive function and health (NEUROSED)".
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Thesis proposal 2 : Full French awarded thesis

Title: "Secure artificial intelligence for the smart grid energy management".
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