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CALL 2025 OPEN FEBUARY 20 to OCTOBER 11 2024 Programme bourses d'excellence ENS Rennes - Fulbright Fulbright - ENS Rennes Award

Two awards of up to 24 months each are offered to pursue a Master's Degree Program at the École normale supérieure (ENS) de Rennes.

Founded in 1994, ENS Rennes was created as a satellite campus of ENS Paris-Saclay in Brittany. Since 2013 ENS Rennes has been an independant institution. It is one of the top ranked and highly competitive Grandes Écoles in France, specializing in Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences (Mechatronics), Sports Sciences, Law, Economy, Management.


Applicants must concurrently contact the ENS Rennes International Office at, for assistance with identifying the appropriate degree program. However, applicants do not need to apply to ENS Rennes; they will be considered for admission on the basis of their Fulbright application and eventually a phone interview.

Applicants may choose from among the following graduate programs:

Research Master's degree in Computer Science
Master's degree in Cyber-Security
Master's degree in Complex System's Engineering
Master's degree in Sports Science
Master's degree in Public Policy - option Economics
Master's degree in Mathematics - open only to candidates with prior post-graduate training

Under the framework of the PhD track in Environmental Transition:

Masters in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution
Masters in Environmental, Energy and Transport Economics
Masters in Water Science



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